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You know that feeling when you KNOW... its over with somebody? When you know that it will never be the same?

Well.. im feeling exacly that.

Matthew and I are done. For good. And Honestly... I am so glad we finally are. Part of me hurts.. ofcourse.... these things don't happen without the pain. But honestly.... I just cant believe i'm actually free from him. From all his manipulating ways.

Oh how my heart still wishes Cj was alive.................... :'(

But I must be strong. And I must go on. And I am going to be strong without him.
He bought a ticket to come here for my birthday... in a month.. and I honestly wish with all my heart he dosen't come. Or if he does..... to make him realize I will never be his.


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Feb. 25th, 2012 08:09 am (UTC)
Tell him you've found a model agency where you were offered to work for $4000 a month. ) And watch his face. :D
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